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Hi There,

Welcome to The Harmony Bazaar! I appreciate you taking the time and looking through our wonderful collection of handcrafted, homemade and hypo-allergenic jewelry.
Harmony Bazaar started because I wanted to make jewelry for all those like me who love jewelry and are looking for pieces that are handcrafted, personalized, can be worn on any occasion and are at an affordable price.

After making jewelry for family, friends and a few people I admire, I decided to take the leap after my 40th Birthday and started the Harmony Bazaar. I started with making a few pieces like the "3 hearts" necklace, "Moon & Stars" necklace in my closet!

Yes you read that right. I was like the little wizard of jewelry making. Since then I upgraded to a a small studio space in our home. 

Now when I'm not spending time with my 3 boys (under 10) and Hubby, I am in my workshop hammering, cutting, sketching away to the latest tunes. Thanks to my hubby & Mom-in-law for their help with the kiddos, odds and ends on the business side, my dream is now my reality.

Since starting the Harmony Bazaar in October 2017, we have clients all over the US, Canada, UK, Europe, UAE, Australia, Pakistan, etc. And I am grateful to everyone who has supported me and the Harmony Bazaar.

So I hope you will like and maybe even love the pieces I make for you!

Wishing you Love & Light,